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Anxiety: Our tips for coping with anxiety through COVID – 19

Coronavirus, Aliens, and now…. Killer hornets?!?!?!?

Killer Hornets

With a neverending cycle of depressing news stories and being isolated like we’re in the walking dead no
wonder, people are starting to feel a surge of anxiety during the time of covid. To cope, alcohol sales skyrocketed a whopping
389% when the first stay-at-home order was given according to CNN Business . Because TBH who wants
to be sober through all of this? ​?

As some media outlets are promoting drinking, others are saying it’s bad for you. So where do you turn to get relief for these overwhelming feelings?

Cannabis…. Cannabis is the answer.

One thing for sure, medical marijuana is a safe and relaxing tool to help cope with these unwanted moments of stress. It comes in a variety of forms to best suit everyone from the classic cannabis we smoke, yummy edibles, and delightful tinctures. Above all, there are no unhealthy side-effects… okay, maybe eating all the snacks… but we’re all doing that anyway!

Legal Cannabis sales have gone up roughly 159% between top pro-cannabis states California , Washington , and Colorado . Louisiana has recognized the importance of this natural herb and made dispensaries an essential business and allows them to deliver directly to consumers.

Greenrecs offers stay-at-home personalized medical marijuana consultations starting at $79 . Chat with a certified physician and tell them about all your concerns and they’ll give you the best recommendation to help ease more than the Sunday scaries.

Calming Techniques

Tips, Tricks, and Calming Techniques

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