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The movement of Cannabis into the Tech Industry

The Brave Story of Cannabis…

Once upon a time, marijuana was a taboo subject, and purchasing it was only available on the streets. My oh my, has it come a long way, pushing through the odds and now legal for recreational and medical use in a majority of the states.

Progressing into the age of technology has been a game-changer for the cannabis industry . We now have more effective growing procedures that result in not only better but a variety of products, customized consumption, and online retail where customers can purchase and have products delivered to their door (depending on the state).

Story of Cannabis

The Pioneers

Greensrecs is among the pioneers that are expanding the way society can access legal cannabis products from medical use to pleasure. We provide a safe and affordable consultation with certified physicians from the comfort of your own home. If you find the stay-at-home order comforting, then Greensrecs is the app for you!

Starting at $79 , patients can access their online assessment and receive their digital recommendations to the best cannabis products that will benefit their prescribed ailment. We have partnered with a range of dispensaries in the state of Louisiana for easy purchase, just bring your recommendation!

What’s Next for Cannabis Tech?

Medical Marijuana is making a name for itself within the health & wellness industry. It’s not just for the stereotypical highschool stoner kid anymore, but for people with real medical ailments such as veterans with PTSD, chronic anxiety, cancer patients, and the elderly to stop chronic pain. MedicalJane.com provides a great in-depth article on the benefits of cannabis and different types of diseases.

Next for Cannabis

Technology has also paved the way for new medical enhancements and products such as CannabisDNA , a DNA testing kit that identifies your genetic makeup then provides you with a cannabis strain compatibility report. Super cool right? It basically helps you know which strains will you react badly too. YAY Technology!

Super cool

From tinctures to CBD, Marijuana has gone mainstream and provides an outlet for everyday stress, pain, and mental health. We’re only going up from here as medical marijuana is under constant testing to find new ways to heal and benefit society today.

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